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About Robi Allen

Born in England, raised in New England and subsequently settling in the South, Robi's background is strongly influenced by her eclectic taste in literature, art and life experiences. A passionate advocate for nature and wildlife, she began college as a zoology major but ultimately graduated with a business degree in paralegal studies. Her career has run the gambit from law to network administration to marketing and back to law. Robi's home in the North Georgia mountains provides an environment that infuses creative energy and a ten acre playground for her puppies. Her time spent in Charleston, South Carolina over the past year became a muse upon itself spouting a seemingly bottomless well of characters and settings.

Robi is the alter-ego of Julie Korzenko. Robi writes contemporary romances that focus on the romance rather than the murder and mayhem normally found in Julie's books. You can find Julie here: www.juliekorzenko.com