Where Sweet Meets Sexy...

"´╗┐Wonderful, likable characters and the perfect mix of sexy and romantic. I loved the setting and the "reunion" aspect of the story. Robi Allen, aka Julie Korzenko, proves she doesn't need murder and mayhem to create a memorable story."

- Allicat7, Amazon.com

´╗┐"This was an incredible story!! As I have said before, Thanksgiving is a special time for my husband and me. It was our first holiday. This was a story a little like ours Thank you for a wonderful Ms. Allen." - Cathy, Amazon.com

"Give yourself a treat. Read Thanksgiving Tides, a satisfying bonbon of a romance. It's fun and romantic and features a totally charming hero to fall in love with. I also enjoyed the witty dialogue. I sat down to start it late at night and yup, had to finish it before I could go to bed. This is a heart-warming, feel-good story that will brighten up your day. I'm looking forward to reading the next in the series."

- Cathy Carson