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Thanksgiving Tides

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Ribbon and Bows

Lowcountry Love Stories Series

After losing her job, Cassandra Grayson races home to Charleston, South Carolina to lick her wounds. However, the serenity she sought is rudely interrupted by a pair of drop-dead abs currently owned by her childhood crush Luke Reynolds. Fighting self-doubt and working to overcome her mortification and embarrassment at being a career failure, Cassie reconnects with Luke and discovers a new life not centered around her once demanding job. Luke has a few demons of his own - a past littered with an ugly divorce that ended his own once promising rise up the corporate ladder. One glance at Cassie, and his passion for life and for her ignites. Luke and Cassie struggle to find that balance between who they were, who they are, and who they both want to become.

Sunset Haven

Harmony Cove